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ARTIST'S STATEMENT - Cindy Thury Smith
This is where I am supposed to tell you about the philosophical basis of my quiltmaking, dazzle you with fancy words about creativity, etc. Well, here goes.

I love fabric. I love sewing. I live in Minnesota, therefore I am preoccupied with keeping warm. Given these facts, quiltmaking is practically a foregone conclusion. Oh, one more thing:  there are only 24 hours in the day.

Adding that last one has led me to sew and design using what I call "Low Stress Quiltmaking". I like rotary cut, machine sewn durable quilts that highlight the beauty of the fabrics we have available today.

Cindy Thury Smith

I began making quilts over 40 years ago and started teaching while in college (in the pre-rotary cutter days). I enjoy making crazy quilts using novelty fabrics, sane quilts using dozens of fabrics (the better to slash your stash) and wool quilts (made using hand dyed wools). I also like quilt designs that can be varied and changed into multiple designs.

I have received scholarships from the American Quilters Society and the Crazy Quilt Society to study at Paducah and Omaha. Over the years, my quilt designs, articles and poems have appeared in various magazines such as Quilt, Quilt Almanac, Crazy Ladies Gazette, Computer Quilting Bytes and The Home Brewers Newsletter (yes, you read that last one correctly). Look for my Pretty Patchwork Pillowcases pattern in the January 2003 issue of Sew News and my article on making quilts using boiled wool appeared in the Winter 2003 issue of American Quilter magazine.

In the November 2006 issue of Quilters Newsletter Magazine you will find one of my Low Stress Quilt designs. The design features four arrows circling around a center square and I call the pattern, “Won’t Ask for Directions.” There is a variation shown also which is constructed the same way but by changing the visual focus, a secondary pattern comes out. I hope you enjoy both these quilts.

I have enjoyed teaching at the National Crazy Quilting Conference in Omaha, NE, at the first International Crazy Quilt Festival in La Bourboule, France, at the Fiber Arts Festival in Nashua, NH and at the International Quilt Festival in Chicago in 2005. In 2006 I will be teaching at the Minnesota Quilters Annual Show in June. I am also a continuing teacher at Quilt University which is an online opportunity for you to take quilting classes in your pajamas!   Click here to visit Quilt University.

Lately I have been making wool quilts by recycling old woolen clothing. In order to get a wider spectrum of colors to work with, I have been hand dyeing wool and fulling it in one simultaneous step. Because I was a traditional quiltmaker before I tried crazy quilting, I like to combine crazy piecing with traditional patterns. Check out my wool quilts and crazy quilts at left.

I travel to teach for guilds and at conference, design patterns for sale and occasionally write for magazines.  If you want a few laughs, check out my Poems page. If you would like me to come teach at your guild, please check out my Classes and Workshops page and my teaching schedule. I can be reached at CrazyQltr@aol.com.


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