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Let me start by saying the wool quilts I make are 100% wool.  The entire quilt top is wool, I don't do wool appliques onto other fabrics.  I make my quilts out of FULLED WOOL.  Fulled wool is not commercially available, you have to make it yourself.  The process isn't hard, but it does take time. 

When I say fulled wool is not commercially available, I mean it is not easily available, what is on the market is horrendously expensive and comes in very few colors.  This is why I make my own fulled wool, either by recycling old 100% woolen clothing or shrinking 100% woolen yardage.  The fabric that is on the market called boiled wool is not exactly the same; for more information on the distinction between fulled wool, boiled wool and felted wool click here.

I shrink up the wool (fulling it) until it is about 3/8" thick, so thick it doesn't fray or ravel, cut the pieces finished size (no seam allowances), abut the raw edges and  piece it edge to edge using machine joining or machine decorative stitches.  To finish you apply a backing and machine quilt it.  Binding is like any other quilt.  The quilt may or may not contain a batting (you really don't need one) and they are completely machine washable and driable.  They are VERY warm.  They are incredibly sturdy!  And they seem to appeal strongly to men (they are certainly not delicate quilts).  I have done them in both a rustic lodge style and, as you will see, they can be very feminine looking. 

I have always liked star quilts and so when I was experimenting with fulled wool and gradation dyeing the wool, I knew I was going to do some wool stars.

This is a close up of one of the blocks of the star quilt that I took out to the Simply Quilts filming.

The center of the block has been machine embroidered, the colored wools are all hand dyed, and the entire quilt was long arm machine quilted. 

To see a full picture and description of this quilt, please click here.  Please note:  This is a detailed picture and this page is SLOW LOADING.


For more fulled wool quilts, please click here.

Because you get unusual shapes when you full from old clothing, crazy piecing is a natural for fulled wool quilts. 

Click here to  take a look at some crazy piecing using fulled wool.