Fan Hexagon Quilt Template Set


The Fan Hexagon Template Set includes three acrylic shapes for quick and accurate fabric cutting. Also included are instructions for three quilt designs using the Fan Hexagon templates.

Create a Fan Hexagon block in less than five minutes

How does it work? Use two of the templates to cut out your center shapes. Two
2 ½” strips are cut for the outer edges.

Sew the pieces together, pressing seams open.

Next place the third acrylic template (whole hexagon shape with printed lines) on top of the pieced unit, align the printed lines with the seamlines and trim around the outer edge.

A completed, perfectly accurate Fan Hexagon block in less than five minutes!

Of course, you can use the whole hexagon template to cut other hexagons to fill in around your pieced Fan Hexagons.

Included instructions have tips and fabric requirements for a queen-sized quilt (two settings) and a quick lap quilt.