Quilter’s Cling Sheets


Jazz up your refrigerator (or any other metallic surface) with these quilter-themed printed cling sheets.


Six designs per sheet; three categories:  Quilters Sayings, Quilters Fantasies and Stash Strategies.  Each sheet measures 5.5″x8.5″.

Individual designs are easily cut apart using a scissors (or an old rotary cutter).  Also easy to tape onto surfaces as they are very lightweight.

Quilter’s Sayings

  • Live long and sew many quilts
  • Quilter’s aren’t greedy, they’re just materialistic
  • A creative mess is better than idle neatness
  • A stitch in time is right before the quilt show deadline
  • A quilt on the bed is worth two in the head
  • A penny saved is a penny to spend on fabric

Quilter’s Fantasies

  • Quilter’s Fantasy: The trunk you inherit from Great Aunt Dorothy is full of quilts
  • Quilter’s Fantasy: You win an all expenses paid trip to the Houston Quilt Festival
  • Quilter’s Fantasy: All your birthday presents are fabric gift certificates
  • Quilter’s Fantasy: Medical study shows an hour of quilting burns 900 calories
  • Quilter’s Fantasy: Hoffman calls you up to be a fabric tester
  • Quilter’s Fantasy: Your quilt on the cover of Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine

Stash Strategies

  • Stash Strategies: Invest in cotton’s future, buy mucho fabric now
  • Stash Strategies: Buy enough to use, enough to save and enough to share
  • Stash Strategies: Buy now.  It won’t be there when you come back
  • Stash Strategies: Buy enough fabric now so you can retire with plenty
  • Stash Strategies: One yard doesn’t cost as much as one Snap On Tool
  • Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s stash; thou shalt swap and share

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Quilter's Sayings, Quilter's Fantasies, Stash Strategies