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Crazy Quilts by Cindy Thury Smith

Crazy Chroma


Black on black prints were used to crazy piece the background of this quilt.  120 wedges (about 70% silk ties) winds its way over the quilt top.  Machine feather stitching quilting.

Black Rainbow Stripes by Cindy Thury Smith

Black Rainbow Stripes


An extremely wide rainbow spectrum stripe fabric with a black background  was the inspiration for this lap quilt.  The technique to make the center of the blocks is Anita’s Unbiased Block.

Asian BQ Sampler by Cindy Thury Smith

Asian BQ Sampler

96" x 96"

I designed this setting for the BQ block pattern specifically so I could use a sampling of Oriental fabrics with different colored florals.  The solid colored batiks highlight the floral prints.

Bitch of a Bargello by Cindy Thury Smith

Bitch of a Bargello

98" x 100"

This design from an EQ design board turned out to be a “Frankenstein” quilt.  It easily took three times as much sewing as a normal Bargello quilt and kept getting larger and larger!

Wool Potholder Men's Quilt by Cindy Thury Smith

Kevin’s Wool Potholder Quilt

46" x 80"

This quilt is constructed using the potholder method with wool plaids, decorated with t-shirt motifs, on the top and manly flannels on the back of the quilt.  Ultrasuede leaf appliques here and there.

Crazy Sprial by Cindy Thury Smith

Crazy Spiral


Crumb pieced blocks arranged in a spiraling pattern.

Words to Live By by Cindy Thury Smith

Words to Live By


Elongated Log Cabin blocks featuring 36 words I live by embroidered in the center of each block.

Words to Live By by Cindy Thury Smiht

Words to Live By Detail

Spinning Stars by Cindy Thury Smith

Bright Spinning Stars

Completed in 2013

I saw this pattern in the background of a photo in the 1980s.  There is a “hidden trick” to the piecing of this block; quilt  was started in the 1990s using one construction technique and finished in 2013 using a different technique.

Trip around the Bead by Cindy Thury Smith

Trip Around the Bead


I used the Quick Curve Ruler from Sew Kind of Wonderful to make the “beads” (from a coordinated packet of solids) then set them in a Trip Around the World setting using a multicolored batik as the background fabric.

Crazy Lonely Star by Cindy Thury Smith

Crazy Lonely Star


Crazy pieced parallelograms make up this star.

Stayin Alive Stars by Cindy Thury Smith

Stayin’ Alive Stars


This quilt is the technique I demonstrated on Alex Anderson’s Simply Quilts. The wool is from recycled woolen clothing that is dyed then fulled.

Hillary Clinton Block by Cindy Thury Smith

Hillary Rodham Clinton Banner


After the 2016 Presidential election, Ricky Timms came out with a pieced pattern based on the “I’m with HER!” Clinton campaign logo.  I rearranged the blocks to have an open place in the center which I filled with images of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Carrie Chapman Catt, Susan B. Anthony, Lucretia Mott, Alice Paul and Lucy Stone plus an admonition to pass the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.

Cindy Thury Smith Striped T-Quilt

Striped + Quilt