Fan Hexagon at September Schoolhouse Meeting/My Necklace

On Sept. 7th and 9th I presented my Fan Hexagon Template Set to the Minnesota Quilters at their September Schoolhouse meeting.  At this meeting several tables are set up and a different technique is demonstrated at each table.

I demonstrated the Fan Hexagon construction sequence and the ladies were very interested and complimentary.  They were also very interested and complimentary about the necklace I wore.

I made this ultrasuede tassel necklace using tassels I purchased on Amazon. com.  If you Google tassels on Amazon you will get many options; I purchased a set of 35 different colored tassels in the 1.5″ size (they measure 1.5″ from the bottom of the tassel to the top of the silver cap).  I attached them to a 36″ long silver chain using jump rings.  I joined the two ends of the chain using jump rings.  When designing necklaces for myself I usually try to eliminate the clasp by making the necklace long enough to fit over my head.  When I am forced to use a clasp I will usually use a magnetic clasp which are particularly helpful on the mornings when my hands are stiff.