Many of you are familiar with Shar Jacobson’s acrylic template sets.  What you may not know is that she regularly will design a new quilt using an old template set, recycling the same template set.  I thought that attitude was highly commendable and wanted to do it with my Fan Hexagon set.

Obviously you can use the whole hexagon in several different ways,
such as piecing it from two or four fabrics or centering it on a printed motif.  You can also use the tall Center piece in several ways.  You can fold it RST the long way, sew along the top (wide end) and flip right side out to make a  pointed Dresden Plate segment (6 make a quarter arc, 24 make a full circle).

You can also use the Center piece with cut strips to make Tumblers.  If you cut a 5.5″ strip you can lay the wide end on the cut edges, flip flopping to make good use of your fabric, and make a Tumbler quilt.  If you want to make a miniature Tumbler quilt (or a border)  use the narrow end on a 3.5″ cut strip.  I don’t have samples of this sewn yet, but I will!