The Frankenstein Quilt

by Cindy Thury Smith 1985

I started out with a simple block design—
And thought I’d add just one or two more lines—
To come up with a quilt that’d be all mine.

Then I started playing with complex borders and sashing—
And through my mind new ideas kept flashing—
Until now my hopes have gone a-dashing!

I’ve created an impossible pattern, a monster—
Anyone who’d try it would be a fanatical quilter—
Who’d probably end up cussing out the designer!

Since I created it I’d better give it a try—
As I ripped out stitches I kept asking myself why—
If I ever get it done I’ll take this one with me when I die!

Now it’s finally done and lies displayed on our bed—
Hundreds of hours, yards of fabric, and miles of thread—
One of those, “It’ll never work” ideas that just popped into my head.