Fan Hexagon Quilt Blocks

Original Pieced Hexagon Design

Late in 2016 I created an original pieced hexagon design. No, it’s not another pieced hexagon design with dozens of itty-bitty pieces. Don’t get me wrong… I am in awe of millefiori quilts and some of the other intricately pieced hexagon designs. I’m just never going to make one. I make BIG quilts; queen- sized is my standard size. I also like to complete my quilts in a reasonable amount of time, say less than a year. Those millefiori quilts have got to take several years.

So when I was designing the Fan Hexagon, I made it big enough so you can easily and quickly sew a large quilt and the individual pieces of the Fan Hexagon are large enough to show off medium to large scale fabrics.

It was quite an education to produce this set of templates. I sincerely feel for the guys in the Art Department at T&T Graphics who were unfailingly professional and courteous through my dozen or so revisions. At times it was like speaking two different languages: quilt-speak to engineering-speak. Anyway now it is done and I invite you to visit my For Sale page and see the template set.